Kelly Narowski Professional Speaker


” Kelly is a natural born public speaker and gifted communicator. Her compelling testimony leaves a lasting impact and she has engaged and motivated audiences nationwide. “

Dr. Michelle Gibler

Director, Think First

Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Foundation

Columbia, MO


” Kelly’s message was spot on- most effective presentation I’ve seen to make Marines think before they make split second decisions. “

LTC Joel A. Burdette

Commanding Officer

Marine Air Station Cherry Point, NC


” Kelly, I just wanted to say thank you for coming to Alaska and talking to our Soldiers. After I left your briefing, I went back to my office and no less than 10 Soldiers and Officers stopped by to say what a great presentation it was! Other Soldiers are also stopping me in the hallways to ask questions, and tell me that they got a lot out of your talk with them. I look forward to seeing you back again soon! “

Mark W. Ilg, OHST

Brigade Safety, 2nd Engineer Brigade

Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska


” Kelly Narowski did a wonderful job of communicating a complex subject in an age appropriate, understandable and enthusiastic manner. I have been approached by many staff members expressing their thanks for the valuable assembly Kelly presented. “

Judy Marino, RN

School Nurse, Sunset Ridge Elementary

Overland Park, KS


” Kelly is a world class speaker. Every Soldier at Fort Bragg should hear her message! “

Mark Martin

Safety Manager, 4th Psychological Operations Group

Fort Bragg, NC


” Without a doubt the best presentation/discussion concerning the subject in my 20 years of service as a Marine Officer! Kelly’s articulate, direct yet professional presentation hit home with the Marines and sailors in attendance. Her ability to talk with them and not ‘to’ them allows her to leave a longing impression. If you’re leading Marines, Soldiers, Sailors or Airman and plan on conducting a safety stand-down/brief, contact Kelly. You and your warriors will not regret it. “

LTC James McArthur

Deputy AC/S G-3 Operations and Training

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

Twentynine Palms, CA


” Mrs. Narowski’s safety briefing was the best I’ve ever heard! After the briefing, the Soldier sitting next to me said she never wears her seatbelt but will from now on! “

SPC Crystal Egan

1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division

Fort Campbell, KY


” Kelly, I didn’t get a chance to thank you personally for the presentation at Fort Jackson. I served for 30 years and I’ve been a DA civilian since 2006. Needless to say I’ve seen safety folks come and go, but none compared to the talk you gave today. Your style fits perfectly with the new Soldiers and the civilian force here. Thanks again and I’m sure we’ll have you back if you’ll agree. “

Chip Martin

Fort Jackson, SC


” I’ve been in the Army for 7 years and this was the most memorable safety brief I’ve had! “

SSG Gunther

3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division

Fort Bragg, NC


” Kelly, attended your brief today. It was excellent and intense. Thank you for passing the message to our Marines! “

Major Kevin Keating

Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, SC


” Mrs. Narowski, I was at the speech you gave to the Air Force for our safety day at the Presidio of Monterey. I wanted to thank you for coming out and giving such a wonderful and powerful speech. We are given safety briefings at least once a week by a Sgt or Commander and your speech was by far the most impactful and meaningful I’ve had the privilege of listening to. I watched the Air Force students around me and I really believe that your message reached many of the students who ignore our weekly briefings. My friend was actually in tears by the end. Thank you so much for so candidly sharing your personal story. Training bases like the Presidio have so many young people who believe they are invincible and unfortunately sometimes choose to make poor choices and I believe after listening to your story and the information you provided there are now much fewer people here who will make those same poor decisions. Thank you again for sharing your story. I hope the students at Presidio will have another chance in the future to hear your message! “

A1C Tiffany Warren

Student, Defense Language Institute

Monterey, CA


” Mrs. Narowski, I wanted to thank you for bringing so much to the safety training today at MCLB Albany. Your presentation and personal stories really hit the target. I hope many of the Marines got something out of it. I know I definitely did. Again, thank you for taking your time to improve our driving safety awareness. “

MSGT Jason Watkin

Marine Corps Logistics Base

Albany, GA


” Bar none- the best safety brief in 10 years of service! “

SGT Farrison

Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, SC


” Everyone was enthralled by Kelly Narowski’s innate and powerful ability to engage and educate her audience. The messages and images which she portrays are by necessity strong, yet she approaches her subject scientifically, sensitively, and with supreme dignity. I was utterly transfixed by her words and the messages she conveyed, which clearly resonated with every single member of the audience. Kelly’s safety briefings should be required training not just for the military, but for the public at large. “

LTC Nick Wilkes

British Army Exchange Officer

Fort Lee, VA


” Mrs. Narowski’s presentation was very well given, as well as received by the audience and her presentation helped them to personalize for whom they provide their services. Her participation in the conference was considered by many attendees as bring a very critical part of the agenda and helped make the conference the success that it was. “

David Fleming

Nat’l Organization of State Impaired Driving Programs

Jefferson City, MO


” Dynamite Speaker!! Kelly lays it on the line. She provides an eye-opening, thought-provoking presentation that makes you step back and examine your own driving habits, whether that involves drinking or distracted driving! “

Vicki L. Greenwood

Safety Administrative Officer

Marine Corps Installations East

Camp Lejeune, NC


” Kelly, You have changed my life! From this day forward I will be a completely different driver! I have been to countless safety briefings in my life! I served in the Army for 3 years and since have worked on a military installation. I honestly, hands on a bible can say I do not remember one of them! Today is different.. I will NEVER forget yours! Your brief today changed it all! Thank you for providing the missing puzzle piece in order for me to see “the whole picture” of EXACTLY what I could lose with my habitual careless driving. I am forever grateful! “

Rebecca Salazar

Life Skills Trainer

Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, SC


” Thank you so much for coming to our school. I loved your speech. It made me think of everything I want to do in my life. Your speech really touched me and made me think twice about wearing my seatbelt and drinking and driving when I get older. “

Anna Church

Student, Westwood View Elementary School

Westwood, KS


” Thank you for opening my eyes with your terrific safety presentation. Thank you again! “

Melvin S. McCarthan, Jr.

Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, SC


” Mrs. Narowski, As an NCO with 8 years in the Army I’ve received countless safety briefings and presentations but you are by far the most informative, moving, and effective speaker I’ve seen on the topic of vehicle safety and risk management. This was the best presentation I’ve ever received in the Army. You spoke to the issue of accident prevention and vehicle safety in an uncommonly convincing and informative way. Your personal story and message are a powerful reminder to do the right thing. I think the special thing about your presentation is that you were able to make it personal. Too many times, Soldiers leave these types of briefings saying to themselves, “That couldn’t happen to me.” You were able to make us all see more vividly that “It could be me if I don’t take this seriously.” Thanks again for what you do! “

SSG Joe Quinn

Korean Military Language Instructor, DLIFLC

Monterey, CA


” Hello Kelly, I am a firefighter at MCLB Albany, GA. I attended your presentation this morning. Boy… what an eye opener! I consider myself to be a very safe person, but I have made some bad choices. When I say that, I mean I have found myself talking/texting a few times while driving! I know… how stupid! I am especially grateful for this presentation because my wife Ginger and I have 5 children. I couldn’t imagine making a choice that would take someone else’s life, my wife and children’s life or my own. What am awesome presentation! This presentation touched me most importantly concerning my children being responsible drivers. My daughter Alicia is 16 and she will be driving soon. My wife and I still have a little time to be the examples we need to be for our daughter to get the point of not using cell phones to talk or text while driving. Thank you and God Bless! “

Steve Karrick

Marine Corps Logistics Base

Albany, GA